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Shopping Bandit

Shopping Bandit is a online directory for businesses. This includes their own online store that the business can sell products to their new found clients.

At Shopping bandit, we are all for the SME Business. Not everyone can afford the online retail store some applications offer. Not all have a directory listing making it easy for the end consumer to find their business. This is just the beginnings. At Shopping bandit, we offer directory listing and Ecommerce, a digital marketplace for customers, where we take it even further by providing the business their own payment options as well as their own delivery options. At Shopping Bandit, we provide a scalable solution to help grow and enhance your business. This is not limited to just offering these services to the client but also ensuring all integrations are taken care of. This is a partnership that will digitally enable your business with all the integrations without you needing a full IT team. My Shop is your Shop.

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